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Walking for the health of the mind and body

Abingdon is full of varied route options for walks which are full of interesting things to see.  We produced a list of walks of different lengths and in different parts of Abingdon .  We tell you the length of the walk so you can keep track of how much exercise you are doing.

For each walk we have produced a pdf sheet which you can print off and take with with you on the walk.  Each sheet contains a map, written directions and photographs of what you can see on the walk. The directions assume an arbitrary start/finish point but you are welcome to start and finish where you like.  Walks can overlap so you can combine parts of routes to add interest.  Many walks show the location of benches where you can take a rest.

Please take care on the walks as conditions may change at different times of the year and due to other circumstances.  Some of the more rural paths can get muddy, uneven and overgrown so be sure to have sensible footwear.  The walks are at your own risk.

Check out the NHS web site to find out about the benefits of walking.

If you prefer walking as a group, check out Abingdon Community Walks

Sport in Mind runs weekly walks in Abingdon aimed at mental wellbeing. You can find details here

You can find other interesting walks on the Friends of Abingdon Civic Society web site and on the Abingdon Area Archaeological and Historical Society web site.

The Walks

Northcourt House Walk 1.  Two sides of Oxford Road. 1.4 miles.

See a variety of ages and types of housing including apartment building, detached housing, terraced houses and very different architectural styles.  You may also be able to catch a glimpse of the beautiful grade 2 listed Northcourt House

Field by Fitzharry's Road Walk 2.   Boxhill Park and Bath Street.  1.2 miles.

You will be surprised by the amount of green space amongst the various houses in Abingdon.  You may also like to seek our the Norman Fitzharry's Castle Mount which, unfortunately, is hidden by the overgrown greenery

Ladygrove Meadow Walk 3.  Ladygrove Meadow and the River Ock. 1.6 miles.

This is a town and country walk.  Watch out for interesting wildlife on the country segment.  The walk along the Ock involves crossing four footbridges.

St Helen's Wharf Walk 4.  Saxton and Caldecott Roads.  1.8 miles.

Walk some long residential streets, see the historic Alms Houses and enjoy lovely views of the Thames.  Shows location of benches where you can take a rest.

County Hall Walk 5.  The sights of Abingdon.  1.5 miles

This takes you through the centre of the town past many beautiful, historic buildings and ends with the stunning 'Ock Valley Walk'.  Shows location of benches where you can take a rest.

Old Station Yard Walk 6.  Longer walk for more exercise.  3.5 miles

Long town-and-country walk of 5.6 km for 'couch to 5K' followers. You will be surprised by how much wild countryside there is close to the town centre.

Abingdon Bridge

Walk 7.  Abingdon Meadows walk.  1.4 miles

This is a walk for the mind as much as for exercising the body.  Take you time and enjoy the scenery.  But don't attempt when the Thames is flooding.  There are many benches (not shown) on both sides of the Thames and 

Oxford Road

Walk 8.  The northern edge of town.  1.4 miles

This is a gentle walk entirely on paved paths.  

View of North Abingdon park area

Walk 9.  Scenic North Abingdon.  1.7 miles

See some park areas in North Abingdon along with different age housing developments.

St Edmunds Church

Walk 10. Walk of curiosities and the River Stert.  1.7 miles.

Starts with a lovely walk along the River Stert and then takes you past some interesting and curious features.  Shows location of benches where you can take a rest.


Walk 11. Oxford Road, Radley Road and Peachcroft.  2 or 2.4 miles.

This is a longer walk of 2.4 miles but there is a shorter version of 2 miles if you feel less energetic.


Walk 12. Exploring Peachcroft.  1.3 miles.

There are very many cycle and footpaths around Peachcroft which perhaps explains why this is, statistically, the healthiest ward in Abingdon.  Shows location of benches where you can take a rest.

Remains of Barton Manor

Walk 13: Daisy Bank and Barton House ruin.  1.8 miles

Mainly an urban walk but including some surprises like a wetland nature reserve and the ruins if Barton Manor standing proudly in the middle of a children's play area.  I could only find two benches on this route, both by Barton Manor.  Do tell me if you know of others.

Children's play area

Walk 14: Caldecott Recreation Ground and Southern Town Park. 2.2 miles

Enjoy the two large green spaces and the walk along the Thames in addition to walking though different residential areas.  Includes bench locations.

View over farmer's field.

Walk 15: Fitzharris and Shippon. 2 miles. 

This is an interesting town and country walk.  Take care on the country section because the path can be overgrown with nettles and brambles.  Unfortunately, there are no benches on this walk where you can take a rest.


The sheets describing the walks are the copyright of Healthy Abingdon.


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