Be a Healthy Abingdon Trustee

Working together to improve health and wellbeing in Abingdon

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Why be a trustee with us?

This is an exciting opportunity because we are pioneering a new approach to health and wellbeing which, if successful, could be used in other towns.  In essence, the idea is simple in that there are over 200 community groups in Abingdon which may be regarded as contributing to people's health and wellbeing.  So we just want to bring these groups together to find new ways of collaborating with each other and working with the statutory sector, which includes the NHS and local government. 

The novel feature of Healthy Abingdon is that we are taking a holistic approach by considering all health and wellbeing activities rather than just particular ones, and that we are focusing on one town so we can build on the enthusiasm and expertise that exists with the people in the town.

What sort of people are we looking for?

Given that we are trying something new we want people with imagination and ideas along with the skills and experience to bring these into practice in collaboration with other trustees.  It would also help if you have some experience as a trustee or on health and wellbeing.  It would make sense if you lived in Abingdon or near by.

If this is you... can contact Dave Butterworth on or phone 01235 525955 for more information.  You can download the trustee application form here.


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