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Healthy Abingdon brings groups together in the town to improve people's health and wellbeing.  In particular, it helps community groups to work more closely with each other, with the NHS and social care services.

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How to use this site

  • If you want to find help, Go to the Services page

  • If you are a community group interested in being a Healthy Abingdon Associate, Go to the Associates page

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Learning about each other, 26 April, 5 - 7 pm

There are over 200 community groups in Abingdon covering a wide range of activities.  This meeting is to give groups the opportunity to present themselves both to other groups and to the public.  Find out more.  Note:  the Abingdon Clubs and Societies day, which is normal held about now, has been delayed so this is an alternative.

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We wish to set up a Dementia Action Alliance (DAA)

Healthy Abingdon is keen to make the town more dementia friendly. The first step is to bring together a group of interested people to form a DAA.  Anyone interested should email Dave.  Perhaps the first step for the DAA would be to take the opportunity to raise awareness around the town during the Dementia Action Week in May.

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Thank you to Doris Field Charitable Trust and to Oxford Health Charity

We are very grateful for the funding we have from Doris Field Charitable Trust and from the Oxford Health Charity.  We currently have funding which should last for about two years which will enable us to show whether our approach to health and wellbeing works and could therefore be extended to other towns.

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Health an wellbeing statistics for Abingdon

An important point made at our first meeting was was that we needed more details and statistics of the health and wellbeing of people in the town.  We thank John Courouble of OCC for sending us this excellent report which provides such details.

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New way to advertise events in the town

Another point made at our first meeting was that there are lots of great events going on in the town but people did not always know about them.  Healthy Abingdon has already investigated a new way of advertising events which is to have TV monitors in key locations.  We commissioned a study on this from the Oxford University Student Consultancy and here is the report.


Contact us

For more information, email Dave Butterworth on healthyabingdon@aol.com or telephone him on 01235 525955.  Go to our Contact Us page for more. You can also follow us on Facebook. Let us know if you want us to keep you informed of events and new developments.  

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We need more trustees.

As this is a new charity this is an exciting opportunity for someone with ideas and the skills to implement them in collaboration with the other trustees.  Contact Dave if you are interested: tel, 01235 525955; email, healthyabingdon@aol.com .  You can find out more here.

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